Sunday, July 12, 2009

That's the last time I let that beauty school drop out cut my hair


  1. Well, Mr. Barrington, maybe you'll start a fad!

  2. Oh, BB, you look dapper no matter how you wear your hair. And I'll bet you're cooler too.

  3. Well, Mr. B. I once had a haircut that looked very much like that, but I didn't look nearly so composed....

  4. oh Barrington, you must feel cooler now.

    What's going to happen to all that shorn fur? It would make great felt!

  5. is that an apostrophe i see?

    barrington does not use apostrophes. and he only speaks english!

    : ))))))))

    please tell him he looks a lot better than nuage at the moment, thank god nuage isn't as vein as fats....we would not have survived his recent shearing if he were.

    also you still have to keep the combing and the brushing going even if he's sporting a crew cut, those mats start right against the skin and if a tiny little fly lays a tiny little egg there will be maggots eating him and believe you me he is the perfect most delicious target.

    keep a close eye under his chin, check that spot every day for hay that might be stuck, he will be miserable and will try to lick it out causing him all sorts of problems but diarrhea is a biggy with over production of saliva and agitation. just a quick running of your finger under there will do. and his armpits are obviously trigger spots as well....aren't you so glad you have such a bossy friend!!! i'm happy FOR you!!! smiles, p