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What happens when my fur is 3 inches too long

Yesterday we talked with Terry, our breeder, who said that Barrington's fur (ahem, "hair") should be 2-3 inches, max. Last time we measured, he was at 5 inches. Because he was full of mats, Terry told us it was necessary to completely cut his fur down and allow a new coat to come in. (Barrington's mom had a coat that was "pluckable," meaning they actually pulled it out to let the new fur come in. His dad's coat was one that needed to be cut with scissors. The other day, after hours of brushing and trying to untangle the mats on his chest and sides, we found that we had unknowingly plucked out a patch on Barrington's shoulder).  

And so, it became clear that it was time for a haircut, involving bribes of banana slices and apple.  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What happens when you try to brush me

I will toss the brush.

I will hide it under my fur.

I will look the other way.

Then I will toss it again.

Hello, world

It's a new year, and time for a new bunny blog.  Let us introduce the subject of this one: Barrington Bunny.  Some stats:

Breed: Giant French English Angora
Born: January 2008
Weight: Approx 7 pounds (as of several weeks ago)
Length: Paul estimates to be about 2 feet long when stretched out and reclining on floor with legs straight out behind him
Place of origin: Small Pennsylvania angora bunny farm
Likes: Hay, roaming free, mint, kale, drywall, plaster, rubber, parsley, Swiss chard, visitors, turning his back on but sitting close to visitors, hopping from one litterbox to the next, sitting in litterbox while munching on hay 
Dislikes: Being told it's time for bed, the removal of multiple litterboxes, being placed on the bed and instructed to stay there
Productivity: Barrington will produce enough fur for one large sweater each year, or 10-12 hats. Requires almost daily brushing and approx 4 haircuts each year
Seeking: Attendees for bunny meetup